Product details of Microsoft Office 365 Personal Genuine License

  • Powerful tools help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create. Create impressive documents and improve your writing with built-in intelligent features.
  • 1 year License Warranty.
  • 24/7 Customer support.
  • License Validity for Lifetime.
  • License use for WORLD-WIDE.
  • OneDrive Warranty also Included.
  • 100% Genuine upgradeable license.
  • Use up to five devices simultaneously.
  • Validity = 1 Years.
  • 1 TB of cloud storage for your personal use.
  • Activate complete license on your multiple devices.
  • You can change the password and protect this account.
  • Works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

Microsoft Office 365

Boost productivity with Microsoft Teams,
Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more—all in one place.

Reinvent productivity with AI in Microsoft 365

Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot

The new Microsoft 365 Copilot experience works alongside you, embedded in the apps you use every day—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Loop, and more. It combines the power of large language models with your business data and context—including all your Microsoft 365 apps, documents, and conversations.

Learn more Watch the video

Multiple tabs showing M365 chat and Copilot in use

The Future of Work: Reinventing Productivity with AI

Satya Nadella and Jared Spataro share how AI will power a whole new way of working for every person and organization.

Watch the event AI across Microsoft

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, and Jared Spataro, CVP of Modern Work and Business Applications at Microsoft

WorkLab Report: A Whole New Way of Working

Explore how AI will unleash creativity, unlock productivity, and uplevel skills.

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Slide 1 of 7. Take your writing to new heights with Copilot in Word

Take your writing to new heights with Copilot in Word

Stay connected and get things done with Microsoft 365
  • Word

    Create impressive documents and improve your writing with built-in intelligent features.

    A Word document named Perennials Plant Sciences with diagrams of plants.

  • Excel

Simplify complex data and create easy-to-read spreadsheets.

An Excel spreadsheet of a budget from January 2021 with tables and graphs.

  • PowerPoint

Easily create polished presentations that stand out.

A PowerPoint presentation titled Travel Inspiration with travel-related photography throughout.

  • Microsoft Teams

Bring everyone together in one place to meet, chat, call, and collaborate.

A video call on Teams between nine people.

  • Outlook

    Manage your email, calendar, tasks, and contacts together in one place.

    A calendar view in Outlook showing meetings and appointments for the week of March 29.

  • OneDrive

    Save, access, edit, and share files and photos wherever you are.

    A person sitting in front of a window using a pen and tablet to work on a document in Word.

  • More

    With several additional Microsoft apps and services, Microsoft 365 gives you what you need to get things done.

    Microsoft 365 apps

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